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Here are a few of our favorites.

At The Park
My 4-legged friends at our local dog park are very used to me and my camera. I've shot many hours there over the years, but I never had more fun than on this lovely March day. There is a theory in documentary filmmaking that if you and your camera are present long enough and regularly enough, you end up disappearing and your presence stops affecting reality, making verité a possibility. I had long ago realized that was ridiculous - cameras always alter reality. This afternoon at the park made me believe again - at least if one is filming dogs - they just think the camera is part of me. God, I love dogs! This is really just moving portraits - not a story.
Sunset. March 2007. 8 Minutes
The Story of Sweetie, the greatest dog to ever grace our park.
Sunset. 2004-2005. (Completed 2006) 11 Minutes
Paco & Cosmo
2 dogs with distinctly different missions when they visit the park.
Set to music, this is one of our favorite movies.
October 2004. Sunset. 4 minutes
Claude & Eugene
This is our personal favorite movie. Meet two French Dogs.
September 2004. Castro. 5 minutes