We are Gil and Lori. We live in San Francisco with our two animal loving children, two sweet dogs and 2 cats. We met at SFAI film school. We adopted out first pets here in 1986—a black terrier/lab, a pit bull mix, a black cat with thumbs and an orange street kitty. We thought our black dog wanted a farm, so we moved to the Midwest and over the next 15 years we built small organic agriculture businesses, adding a cat here and a dog there as our original 4 legged family grew old and passed away. Now we are back in San Francisco to do what we really love-filmmaking-working with the animals we love most—dogs. It is a joy to meet so many dogs with great attitudes here in San Francisco, to film them and then take the footage home and form it into movies. Just like people, every dog is special, and we try to let each dog’s unique qualities come through in what we do.

Like many people we felt that life was getting away from us. We feel the need to once again challenge ourselves and to exercise our creativity in a visual sense. Although its not necessarily easy, we believe that change is possible at any time, at any age. So like so many people in their mid forties-early fifties, we dusted off our art diplomas and made a life change. We love dogs and filmmaking so Dog City TV was a natural. We think most people have a basic need to include dogs in their lives. Whether you own dogs or just know people who do, humankind has been symbiotically attached to the dog for thousands of years. Indeed, human social evolution may carry the imprint of the dog. We thoroughly enjoy the entertainment of seeing dogs of all kinds in action, meeting their people and hearing their stories. And we think you will, too.